Host a Fundraiser

SoldierStrong’ mission is made possible by the generous financial support we receive from donors large and small. Each dollar we receive helps in our efforts to put veterans back on their feet through scholarships and educational opportunities, the Ekso Suit program and other services we provide for veterans.

Hosting a fundraising event is often the most exciting and rewarding way to support SoldierStrong. By engaging your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, hosting a SoliderStrong event is a great way to “rally the troops” and educate more people about our mission.

Past success stories have included golf tournaments, row-a-thons, bake sales. There is no limit to the ways you can bring your community together on behalf of SoldierStrong. So have fun and use your imagination!

We have outlined a few basics for a successful fundraising below.

Helping Vets Take Their Next Steps Forward

For every lap completed by Graham Rahal in the 2016 IndyCar Series, United Rentals is donating $50 to SoldierStrong to help improve the lives of men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Breaux Bridge

Crossfit Breaux Bridge is located in the small town of BreauxBridge, LA, and owned by Joshua Trahan, a Marine veteran who fought in The Battle of Fallujah. Students at his studio come for varied, high-intensity workouts: A typical day might include kettle ball tosses, distance runs, push and pull-ups, and rowing. After learning about SoldierStrong, the students were eager to put their strenuous training regimen to work for us.

Own A Business

By hosting a SoldierStrong event, you can gain new customers and promote your business, all while making a valuable contribution to improving the lives of returning troops. Tie your event to your business’ products or services, and take heart in knowing that your hard work is helping veterans take their next steps forward.


WAWA Food Markets

Thank you Wawa food markets for choosing SoldierStrong as the tournament charity at the NJ Regions 31st Annual Scramble Open Golf Tournament.

Love sports?

If you want the opportunity to get outside, stay in shape, and make a contribution to veterans, consider organizing a SoldierStrong sporting event. Past events have include 5K races, golf tournaments, and Row-a-thons. Sports complement our goal of getting vets back on their feet, and a sporting event guarantees that participants will have a ball!

Moose Lodge

After seeing SoldierStrong on FOX News, the members of the Lemon Grove Moose Lodge in Spring Valley, CA wanted to help. Their inaugural SoldierStrong dinner and dance was massive success and raised over $1200 for our cause.

Looking for new ways to give back?

A SoldierStrong event is an excellent way to bring your group together and make a positive impact on the lives of returning veterans. 94% of every dollar we receive is put into direct service of our nation’s heroes, so you can be sure that your efforts will have a lasting effect.

Vineyard Vines Greenwich

There are countless ways to help SoldierStrong. The Vineyard Vines flagship store in Greenwich, CT lent their support through a special “Shop for a Cause” in-store promotion. See how they raised over $1,000.00 for our mission.

Own or manage a retail store?

If you’re looking to boost sales, generate loads of foot traffic, and have fun – all in the name of charity – SoldierStrong has the answer for you. We’ve worked with retailers to schedule special SoldierStrong shopping days –where a portion of every purchase goes back to SoldierStrong. These are an excellent way to benefit both your store and those who serve.

Build a Team

There’s always strength in numbers, so we suggest assembling a small, committed group of people who believe in SoldierStrong to help with fund-raising and other events. Friends and family are a great place to start, but you can also recruit help from civic organizations, schools and churches, and local businesses. Send folks who don’t already know about our mission to our website to learn more. This core group will give you a solid foundation for building a great event.

Set a Goal

A realistic fund-raising goal helps with budget and planning, and determining one is an excellent first step for your event. A firm objective helps ensure that nothing is overlooked and that your event goes as planned. After your SoldierStrong event is finished, the contribution goal provides a helpful way to measure your success and gives you a record to beat next year!

Get Creative and Get the Word Out

Now the fun part begins! Once your team is assembled and your goals established, you can start planning your event. Use your imagination to find a fun event that will get people involved. Here are some examples of events that have been successful in the past. (Link to bottom)Once you’ve picked what kind of event you’re going to hold, allow plenty time to advertise. Getting the word out is crucial!

While planning, we recommend making a checklist of what’s needed and assigning different tasks to your volunteers. Never be afraid to ask for assistance supporting SoldierStrong – you’ll quickly find that people are ready to help in whatever way they can. Be sure to check in on your volunteers’ progress regularly as you provide leadership and vision for the event, and always thank everyone after it’s over. You can also find “Thank You” notes on our site.

Spread the Word

The pay off for all your hard work! When collecting donations, be sure that your volunteers are knowledgeable and passionate about SoldierStrong’ cause. Passion will carry over into conversations with potential donors and reflect the commitment of your local committee. Our site is full of news and information to keep chats concise, informative, and effective.

Always remember to remind donors that their contributions are tax deductible. Immediately after receiving the funds, we will send a letter acknowledging all donations, which supporters can use with their tax records.

Reminder: ALL donation checks should be made out to SoldierStrong.

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